Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Riding along in my choccy-mobile

A little update for you on the big chocolatey tour of GB.

I've decided to do the trip in 3 loops - big swirling sweeps of the land.

Phase 1 will take in all of London's surrounding counties, beginning on 10th April in Essex (what better a place to begin, hey?), curving round to Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berks, Bucks, Herts and Beds. This will take 3 weeks.

I'm looking for anyone that knows anyone in those areas who wants to indulge in a bit of Choc Star secret supper action - and if there's somewhere to pitch my tent/plug the van in overnight then all's the better (got to learn how to pitch the tent but I guess this will come with time...).

Then I'm surging up north, through Leicestershire, Notts, Yorkshire, the North East - as far as possible (I want Glasgow, Edinburgh, Mull) and back down through Blackpool, Wigan, North Wales and the Midlands. This will be a 5 weeker.

Finally I'll go west (where the air is clean) to the tippy-toes of the Scilly Isles (got a great invite from some rowers!) and will fit my stomping grounds of Suffolk and Norfolk in at the beginning of July.

Phew! Hope Jimmy can cope. I can't wait.

Mull it over and if you have any brainwaves do let me know!

Thanks for the cocoa love. More soon.


Zoal said...

hi ya - saw ur van on a program on ur mate Wonky Willy. My wife and I were just drooling!!! (not a pretty site). anywy are you still about in London? is there anyway of finding out where and when you are planning to be? Would love to try some of those hot choclates!


Petra Barran said...

Hi Zoal, I'm going to swing by Brick Lane a couple more times before the big off - that's probably the best way of finding the van. Everything else is a bit private...unless you want to come and be a Choc Star staff member for the day?!!

I'll post when I have a date/location that might work.

Anonymous said...

Good one Petra

Getting out of the house on an adventure plenty of endeavour and you’re right about the foodie bollocks as it’s all about the raw local ingredients not silly plates of frothy fusions.

Master chef my arse.

Have fun; if you’re Bristol bound stop by for bread cheese and country wine.

I want to go digging for cockles and razor shells on the east coast of Scotland after the summer.

Keep going!