Saturday, 19 April 2008

Bird man

I was dawdling a bit as I wended my way to Earnley when this guy behind me starts hootin' and hollerin' for me to stop. I thought the gennie might be on fire so I pulled over and me and this guy shout at each other for a bit about where I'm going and what I'm doing.

"Are you gonna be on the telly?" he asked.
"Dunno" I said.
"Oi've bin troiyin' t'get on telly fer 20 years" he lamented.
"What for?"
"Oik'n do 40 different bird cries".
"OMG - let's hear a few".

And off he went - Mallard Green of Hunston, West Sussex.



tina charad said...

oh my god...
how fabulous!
told you the talent you'd meet would be stellar

daisygreenwell said...

he's a genius! petra the blog is brilliant, what an adventure. when are you going to write something for me??!


Frieda said...

Quality cries! A bit disapointing he couldn't pull of the osterich! I can't believe I haven't seen him around, him living in hunston and all...well you never know, maybe he will make it to the screens, watch out next time you see britian's got talent, Mallard Green will blow them away! xx

magpie said...

Bird-calls and directing traffic at the same time - who says men can't multi-task ?

Squishy said...

How funny is he. Loved it and he is a very talented man.

Petra Barran said...

Maybe we should start a campaign to get Mallard on the box. I've got his digits...