Friday, 24 February 2006

Chocking around the block...

I'm pretty excited. This is my very first blog and I'm about to unleash some tales of a life spent pootling around town (London) in Choc Star, AKA 'Jimmy' - the choc-mobile. Most of the time I feel as though I'm on holiday as I swerve round corners and charge down high streets, passing dour faces in pristine SUVs. This is a funny path to have chosen. A childhood dream bent into shape. An anchor for my flailing roots. It has given me a focus that I've never known before and, at the same time, an insight to a huge cross-section of the city.

I've had the van since June when I picked it up from Inverness after successfully winning it on ebay. I'd wanted to do something with chocolate and, in the end, the hot-chocolate-ice-cream-van-idea was born. It just sorta kept on pushing up against the wall of my brain, demanding release. I couldn't ignore yet another notion that presented itself in my imagination. Why the hell not? What do any of us really have to fear in the grand scheme of things...other than the sour feeling of not having taken any risks in our short lives? That, to me, is hell.

And if it all ends tomorrow...well, it won't. Because I've started now and if this doesn't work out 'as planned' I'll just try something else. I'm on the journey, man, and I'm lovin' it!