Tuesday, 23 June 2009

TimeOut's top 8 places to eat ice cream in London

We were very happy to see in the latest issue of TimeOut that we have been named as one of the top 8 places in the Capital to go for ice cream. But remember, the beauty of the choc-mobile is that we can come to YOU! Nowhere too far, small/big or strange - the more out there the better as far as we're concerned.

In fact, we're even beginning to head into office carparks. Does your office have one? If so, we're there - with top ranking ice cream! Holler!

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Big Event - South London Victoriana

Myatts Field Park is the closest park to my house and this weekend I'll be taking Choc Star along there - but a stones throw away. How exciting. I'm so used to hauling ass all the way down huge highways and bi-ways and I relish the proximity of it all.

The park has had a £3m facelift and will be celebrating with a grand procession, tea dance, music and lots of delicious food stalls.

And it's free! So come on by if you're in the area - the frozen choc-dipped bananas will be in full effect.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Marylebone Village Summer Fayre - this Sunday

Choc Star will be in the Blue Zone (Paddington Gardens) - near the Pimms tent - so as I'm sure you can imagine, we're pretty delighted. Apparently the crowd go wild and it's a real rumpus affair. We are girding our loins....

Hope to see you there, in the sun, with a cucumber-laced summer cocktail and a greedy need for chocolate.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Brownie Masterclass this weekend!

The debate about what a real brownie is, or should be, rages on. Who'd have thought that my adult life would be so peppered with conversations on the subject? I know what I think a brownie should be - crisp, almost meringue-like on top, nestling into a wickedness below - taking in rich moist cake and then plunging further to the cherished super-dense and highly-charged fudge centre. The overall effect is of cushioned chewiness and a sense of all being well with the world.

If you'd like to know more - or even fancy contesting these beliefs - I shall be holding a 'Brownie Masterclass' in the demo tent at this weekends Slow Food Market outside the Southbank Centre, 1pm, Saturday 6th June: Brownie discussion and the big unveiling of the national secret that is the recipe for Choc Star's Walnut Fudge brownies.

I hope that compere's there from last time, he were great.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hampton Court Foodies

She just didn't know which way to go - hotdog or milkshake - so she got both.

Si came to visit - all the way from Dalston on his moped. No wonder he felt a bit like brushing that dirt off his shoulder.

When the punters hear Sunday Girl coming out of the Bose they know it's time to head over for a bit of what Jimmy's been cooking up.