Thursday, 12 August 2010

Screw Work, Let's Play

Well it wasn't exactly what I said to myself when I first began the Choc Star thing, but the leaning towards adventure and away from anything officey was always at the forefront.

I've met so many amazing people through doing what I do. In every new town, at each festival, party, wedding and market will come a new person with a great story. Or a link. Or an enthusiasm that just makes me glow. That's when I feel like I'm playing - bouncing around in Jimmy, coming across good people with the fun-times look in their eyes and making friends for life.

John Williams has written Screw Work, Let's Play to talk about all the many different options for income that we can find that don't have to be dull and unengaging. He asked me if he could write about Choc Star in the book and of course I said yes. We're on p23 (How To Work Out What You Really Really Want).

Check it out if you're feeling playful - it's become a bestseller! Well done John, play on playa.