Tuesday, 10 July 2007

As I drove out one summer's day...

What craziness is this?! It’s pushing 2.30am and tomorrow marks the kick-off to a ridiculous six weeks of ten festivals…I have two massive vehicles lined up and loaded with Choc Star stuff, a team of chocolate enthusiasts and milkshake mavericks at the ready with scooping arms aloft and large amounts of ice cream to plough through…and here I am, having one of my little competitions with myself to see how long I can stay up and faff around while everyone else slumbers on.

I’ve had a monumental week of Doing Stuff and am maxed out on all levels - yet, I feel as though I’m in the eye of a particularly wonderful storm which often overwhelms, but sometimes swoops me up and over a crest of pure ALIVENESS that can’t be topped.

More news from the festis soon - Jimmy’s doing the smaller gigs whilst the new spangly, silver gazebo will morph into a Choc Star tent of the highest, most choc-iest order.


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