Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Where's Willie?

Hi choc fans,

Thanks for all your nice messages about my TV appearance in Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory the other day - it's been great for tour suggestions (do keep them coming!) and nice to know that I'll have people looking out for the van while we're en route.

So far I'm getting crazy love from all over the west country and Sussex and Kent have been very friendly too with lots of suppers invitations...not so forthcoming from the North though. Who knows anyone in Yorkshire/Lancashire/Nottinghamshire/Staffordshire? The Scots have also been great and I want to go as far up in that beautiful land as the invitations will take me.

Bring on the suggestions!

So since I was spotted on telly on Sunday I've had several people calling/e-mailing/turning up on my door...well, almost if this one guy earlier is anything to go by, DESPERATE for a piece of Willie and his wares. All I can tell you is that I spoke to him yesterday and he's holed up in that factory 24/7 trying to produce as much as the stuff as he can. The final episode should shine a light for non-London people on where to buy the choc as well...and check this out - his chocolate has become the fastest selling item in the history of Selfridges! Brilliant.

And I'll certainly be packing it for my tour and will be making delicious things with it along the way as well as selling the actual bars.

So, although Willie's a bit incognito at present there is plenty of hope on the old horizontal.


deagle said...

I saw the 'Willie' programme for the first time today. Impressive. Both of you.

Good luck with your endeavours. It's always nice to see people who are passionate about what they do. We could do with a few more.

David Hall said...

Great to hear from you Petra! Looking forward to seeing the Choc Star in all it's wonderment.


William Leigh said...

oh my god i need more of your truffles x