Wednesday, 23 July 2008


It's roasting. I'm back in London and it's a baking heat that blurs up from the street below. Brixton is in full swing - cars drive past with plunging base that sets off all the car alarms. Kids play basketball over the road and the smell of jerk is everywhere. I went to market yesterday and couldn't take my eyes off all the sartorial flair. It's as if I've been in a hayloft for the past three months for how agog I am amidst the yams and trotters.

I am overdue on several blogs...and I still don't feel as though the tour is finished. I'm going to bring the festis into it and see about some future moves. I had hoped to slot in my adventures in Lincs., Leeds and Brighouse once I had the pics restored from my damaged hard drive..but have received the sad news that they are unrecoverable. Gutted. All those wonderful images - of the Lincolnshire coast (gorgeous), the Wolds, the shock of bleak industry in Scunthorpe and Goole, raving in Leeds and serving ice cream to Buddhists - and ice cream wars in Hyde Park. And then the wonderful evening with Jayne and Chris in Brighouse where we drank the house dry and which culminated in the hangover from hell the next morning and the breakage of my laptop.

I shall just have to draw on my powers of description and write the posts sans pics.

More soon...

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Anonymous said...

nice blog petra, makes me hungry just looking at those pics, x