Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Apple bobbing at Greenwich Market this Wednesday

Apparently some parts of England are going to be as cold as the Arctic this week, BBbrrrrrrrrrr. I'm going to go full-pelt then tomorrow when I steer Jimmy down to Greenwich Market to take part in the kids day of apple-bobbing and other fun and frollicks. Bring your kids along and point them in the direction of those basins - then come over for a great warming cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and a chocolate-chip cookie!


Anonymous said...

heyy i saw you on wednesday ... it was nice seeing you and i am soo happy you are doing well with your business... i will definately find you on facebook and thank you for the brownies and biscuit ... delicious as EVER!

Caroline Cakewise said...

Ooh... they look so good! ^^ I spotted The Van in Covent Garden two Christmases ago and have been in love ever since I tasted the brownies, and read the first ever post on the blog - it really inspired me! Chocolate and high adventure is the most wonderful life philosophy. I will definitely keep an eye out when I'm back in London for Christmas - in the meantime you are more than welcome for a student-y dinner in Cambridge! Glad to hear you are a Pippi fan too, and hope you don't mind the link! xx