Friday, 19 December 2008

Slowly into Christmas

It's nearly upon us - we're having Beef Wellington and I'm so excited. Plus my whole family have a one track mind for food, booze and general good times - and this year we've decided to 'sex up' Christmas so that the morning Margaritas don't result in afternoon atrophy and an ostentatious slouching towards Bedfordshire...yes, it's going to be Active and High Energy and very very Greedy!

But before all that, Choc Star has one last engagement at the Slow Food Christmas Market. We'll be in the usual spot by the Royal Festival Hall on Belvedere Rd - see you there if you're in the area. And if not have a cool Yule and the most amount of enjoyment.


1 comment:

David Hall said...

Happy new year Petra!

Hope you had maximum fun. Are we going to see you on your travels this year?

All the best
Dave xxx