Thursday, 16 April 2009

How to turn your wild idea into a reality - the recording.

Last week I went along to Clerkenwell House to speak to a group of 'scanners' about how I got started with Choc Star. Also on the podium were the adorable Bompas & Parr (who, it transpires, have long been fans of Choc Star and the chocolate roadshow) and Sophie Boss of Beyond Chocolate.

There were all kinds of interesting people there with lots of great ideas for projects they wanted to start - but the overriding sentiment seemed to be FEAR. I was asked about my take on the fear factor when starting up and my feeling is that I was more afraid of not doing it than of going for it and making it happen. It was this great, charged, pulsating feeling in my stomach that demanded that I do it - or risk continuing to be the kind of person who forever dwells in unrealised ideas.

And besides, fear is good. It's powerful. I'm terrified right now of the next stage of Choc Star adventuring - but I know that this means I have to do it!

Here is the recording of the night - I'm speaking 2nd.

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iwed said...

Hallo, i find your blog today. Thanks for sharing. Success for you.