Thursday, 7 May 2009

Slow Food May Bank Holiday

The Southbank was awash with gay and lesbian choralists at the weekend. They're a great traveling troop of singers from all over the world and the van turned out to be a bit of a hotspot for them. There were some awesome sights - some of those German dudes had some meaty old calves on them and check this guy out -

I mean, I'd wear that jacket in a heartbeat given half a chance. It really brought me so much joy.

I was also delighted because my Bose soundock was back in my life and so I got to rock out to all my old favourites, including my man Hov. As I scooped ice cream and shook hot chocs Jay-Z would be chanting 'Girls, girls, girls' and I suddenly became aware of the broad smiles on the all female queue and the fact that that song is probably a massive lesbian anthem.

Anyway, the smiles were just as big for the new addition to the menu - the Blondie Butterscotch Sundae...mesmerising indeed.

The next two weekends take us out of town - 9/10 May to Ludlow where Jimmy'll be parked up outside the castle for a beer and bangers event (MMmmmm, sausages) and 16/17 May to Brighton for the Foodies Fair in Jubilee Square.


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The Ample Cook said...

That there brownie with ice cream and butterscotch sauce is my death row meal. It looks absolutely perfect. I love butterscotch sauce so much I could drink it.

Looks like you had loads of fun.