Thursday, 4 June 2009

Brownie Masterclass this weekend!

The debate about what a real brownie is, or should be, rages on. Who'd have thought that my adult life would be so peppered with conversations on the subject? I know what I think a brownie should be - crisp, almost meringue-like on top, nestling into a wickedness below - taking in rich moist cake and then plunging further to the cherished super-dense and highly-charged fudge centre. The overall effect is of cushioned chewiness and a sense of all being well with the world.

If you'd like to know more - or even fancy contesting these beliefs - I shall be holding a 'Brownie Masterclass' in the demo tent at this weekends Slow Food Market outside the Southbank Centre, 1pm, Saturday 6th June: Brownie discussion and the big unveiling of the national secret that is the recipe for Choc Star's Walnut Fudge brownies.

I hope that compere's there from last time, he were great.

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Mrs_Tiggy said...

Hey Petra (and Jimmy)! Was great to see you today at the Slow Food Market and to finally sample your wares. Thanks also for the lovely birthday chocie too! Have just blogged about you and our day out.