Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Alumni Summer Fete

This character came lolloping over to the counter at the Alumni Summer Fete on Saturday and really avoided the small talk - he barely even took the time to place his order. I knew what he wanted though. It was that deep longing pouring from his big black eyes and the way he leaned towards them that really spelled it out. BLONDIES.

The sun came way out and treated us all to a really evocative day - bunting abounded, the brass band played and paddling pools and breakdancers got together to make sweet music. Ex students from St Martins, Camberwell, Goldsmiths and Wimbledon glided around in nostalgic reverie - a bit of stone carving here, some topiary over there, and when parched could choose between La Vache (Citroen H van spun burgers with homemade relish), the chorizo & olive stall, cream tea and Pimms from a makeshift hut and, of course, the choc-mobile deluxe.

Students become quite dexterous during those crucial money counting years.

The flower lady just couldn't help but fashion the cones into a bunch of roses.

The litter picking, designer spectacle donning, ice cream adoring duo who really made my day. Hilarious.

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