Monday, 15 March 2010

Introducing...The Experimental Food Society

Hello choc fans. Please forgive the uncensorious lapse in time since my last post, it really is too rude. I went away you see; escaped the brittle clutch of a ghastly February and fled East. There will be pics of my (largely futile) attempts to consume choc whilst in India to follow, but I just wanted to draw attention to a wonderful new cause.

As Britain charges along at full pelt with an ever-increasing choice of food festivals and food-related events, some have wanted to take the next step and progress things along a bit. It's not that we don't all love a good chutney stand or that cider stalls, goats cheese stalls, muesli stalls and onion bhaji mixes to-go don't pique our interest, it's just that we need a new slant now.

And so to food PR and creative thinker Alexa Perrin. She has created the Experimental Food Society to showcase 'a troupe of ground-breaking gourmet artists that demonstrate there is more to life than just swallowing.'

I am delighted that Choc Star has been asked
, along with jelly rock n rollers Bompas & Parr, The Rebel Dining Society, food adventurer (we like food adventurers) Stefan Gates and others who have come at food from new and exciting angles.

Have a look at the website and look out for future events of which we'll all be a part. And if there are any tables groaning with jars of chutney please be assured that there'll be a lot more going on than water biscuit paddling.

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