Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Choc Star joins a Meating - tomorrow night.

Choc Star and The Meat Wagon (guerrilla burgers) will be making a special pilgrimage from our South London hang spots to The Red Lion & Sun pub in Highgate tomorrow night (Thurs 3rd June).

From 7pm onwards Yianni will be serving up his famous burgers (that the whole food obsessive world have been going mad for lately) and I shall be serving milkshakes, ice creams, truffles and sundaes.

It's going to be fun - do come along if you're in the area!

Big up, choc on and enjoy the sun,


theundergroundrestaurant said...

sorry I couldn't make it, had a lurgey :(

Plus...I dont eat burgers.
Hope to see you soon

Andrea said...

Wah...I only read this today..sad to say I don't know about this pilgrimage thing..How was it?