Saturday, 21 March 2009

Chocolate....underground (SHhhhh!)

I've just discovered that Doyenne of the underground restaurant scene, Ms Marmite Lover, is to hold a series of cookery courses at her tres des res in North West London - beginning with CHOCOLATE!

L.A based uber-chef Roberto Cortez will be chez Marmite this Monday (23rd March), ready to impart some of his much sought wisdom and techniques on:

Understanding how chocolate works and different types
perfect mousses every time
flavour development
cocoa percentages

He will show how to make:

70% Dark chocolate mousse
64% Dark chocolate lavender cream
42% Milk chocolate cinnamon cream
White chocolate mousse with raspberries.

Cost - £40

Things kick off at 2pm and will get pretty chocolatey - click here to book a place through We Got Tickets, or e-mail Ms Marmite directly (

Wish I could make it...

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