Thursday, 26 March 2009

London's 1st Chocolate Festival

Coming your way (as long as your way is in the London area) next weekend. From Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th April the market area in by the Royal Festival Hall will be awash with chocolate. Masterclasses, demos, tastings and eatings all dedicated to our favourite tropical fruit. I'm most excited about seeing Damian Allsop again - rarely have I known someone more skilled and generous of his wisdom (you have to try his coffee and passion fruit explosions).

Choc Star will be parked up and packed to the rafters with hot chocolate, brownie fudge sundaes, Millionaire's shortbread, super-dark high-energy truffles, Venezuelan Black and....yes folks, I think it's time for ICE CREAM! Better get my scooping arm into gear because it's going to be needed from now til October.


Unknown said...

Let us know if you take volunteers, will you? I'm a great ice cream scooper!

Petra Barran said...

I may just need your scooping expertise in that case - come and find us!

Sylvia said...

hello! Bought a nutella icecream and a piece of millionaire's shortbread, all the while whittering on about the viability of Nigella's recipes. Sorry - I should have been asking about you! Enjoyed stuff very much. Hope you sold lots of stuff. Weather fantastic. One point though - more advertising along the river walk would have attracted many more people - just spotted one solitary poster. I found out about the event from Daily Candy and my daughter heard about it on Heart FM.
Hope to bump into you again soon!

Kavey said...

As promised, here's the link to my new blog (though, as it mentions at the top left, it's got lots of old content transferred from personal diaries, foodie chat boards and my hard drive).

This post is all about the festival with photo of your van and review of your ice-cream.

Krista said...

How did I miss this??!!! Hope it was a great event for you.

Unknown said...

Hi Petra,

It was good to see you again at the Slow Food Market. The blackcurrant sorbet was amazing! And thankfully, the weather seems to have warmed up since Sunday.

Just thought I'd let you know that you appear on my blog a couple of times:

Chocolate festival review:

Very brief mention of blackcurrant sorbet:

I do hope you're managing to find some time to rest now that the festivals are over!