Thursday, 3 September 2009

August Choctivities

August was a pretty mellow month what with going away to Paris and spending time on the homestead down in Suffolk...and the matter of a festival cancelling on us at the last minute. Apparently everyone involved with rigging it up panicked and demanded cash up front from the organisers. The whole thing then collapsed. Recession panic - lots of it going around. The traders will be seeking compensation - more on this later.

Here are some of the punters we served...

Adorable Bangla boys in Barking at an event to reclaim the area from BNP clutches.

Early Hallowe'en fanatic test-driving her costume.

These two were delighted to discover Jimmy at last...

This kid in Haverhill, Suffolk was terrified of giving us an open mouthed smile...bad teeth or something.

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Lisa said...

you guys have a really cute van!