Thursday, 3 September 2009

Pestival and the return of the Slow Food market

Right, we're back in town and ready for Slow Food action. This weekend - Fri, Sat & Sun - Choc Star will be parked up outside the Southbank Centre and taking part in the annual Pestival...err festival.

I'm hoping that all sorts of insalubrious looking bugs and critters might turn SE1 into a bit of a den of chaos this weekend. I say that because I'll be safe and sound inside the choc-mobile. If you're in the area and feeling a bit scared of things that go CCCCCCRRRrrrrrrrriiiiii in the night then sidle over to us and choose a treat.

This weekend we'll have deeply treacherous Rocky Road, frozen choc-dipped bananas, darkest Oloroso truffles, brownie fudge sundaes, ice cream and yes, it's time to get out the hot choc machine and get frothing.

See you there!

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