Saturday, 7 June 2008

Bringing it and slinging it in Mor-ecam-be

Kind Kate from Sunset Ices lent me her pitch for the day on Saturday, she had a '40s car rally to do and thought the spot may as well get utilised. What a peach of a pitch! I had no idea what kind of reception I might get - I mean the place is so ridiculously retro I wasn't sure people were up to what Choc Star is saying. But they were! And the people that weren't (as everywhere) only needed to focus on the cones in front of them, secure in the knowledge that a frozen, portable dessert would be in their midst within moments.

From the minute I'd scaled the promenade and opened up the hatch these folk were on me like four dogs on a three-legged cat, I mean I could barely keep up with the unrelenting demand for ice cream. It's not like pulling up in a high street or even a park; this is the British seaside and come hell or high water people are going to get an ice cream.

I actually sold out and so, regrettably, had to close that hatch. I made up for shutting the door on Morecambe by investigating a bit more this place that has captured my imagination so.

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