Monday, 30 June 2008

Weston Super (night)Mare

It just doesn't have quite the same retro appeal as my beloved Morecambe. My mum had joined me for a couple of days and we headed over there from Nailsea (after a fun night of boozing it up with the delightful Sue and Trev from Foresters). We'd heard that there were more charity shops in Weston than anywhere else in the UK. My mum's ears pricked up and that wild look took over her face: TAT! Off we trailed, along a particularly dreary part of the tour - along suburban lanes bereft of intrigue or funk - and into town.

There is the distasteful whiff of inertia about the place. It's as if there was a choice between sentience and coma and everyone in Weston chose the latter. The shop keepers can barely be bothered to look up, the waitress seemed joyless and those poor old donkeys...

I even discovered a 'farm shop' that haunted me it was so horrif. I tried my best to rescue some bags of grated cheese from their ambient, mould-inducing stupor but nobody in the shop seemed to care. I left in a hurry, past confused samplers wondering why I didn't want to taste the smudged bits of lemon cake. We pushed on out of there with relief.


David Hall said...

I've never been - and I'm now never going!


Petra Barran said...

It would upset me to see you there Dave.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Weston (don't worry I'm not offended by the post, I think exactly the same!) But there are a couple of nice places hidden amongst the big pile of horribleness. If you ever are unfortunate to be there again head the The Cove Cafe near the old pier and their sister restaurant by Marine Lake. This is where there has been a bit of regeneration recently and is a bit removed from the tackiness at least.