Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sunny Suffolk

Back to Suffolk for a 2am party at Brent-Eleigh - Beppo, Vee and I burnt along the M25 and down the A12 to arrive at B.E for fun and frollicks in the garden til daylight. A gig over at Glemham Hall for the outdoor performance of Don Pasquale was a wonderful flop. I don't remember having such a bad day's takings since I first used to go round fly-pitching in Hammersmith. I think I took £25 - but what a beautiful place!

As the performers belted out opera (in rather disconcerting English: "Ohhhhhhh, I can hear the doorrrrrrrrrr. Dooor, dooor, doooor, oh I can hear the door", etc) Vee and I lay around on the lawn taking it all in and having a good old look round the great, empty house FULL of fascinating stuff.

Up to my Mum's for a day or so of BBQs, mammoth walks, and fixing Jimmy whose clutch had got to a body-seizingly horrendous level.

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