Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dear choco star...

I love what chocolate does to people and I love the kinds of people who are drawn to the van and all that it contains. There is a kind of outpouring of appreciation that often turns up in my inbox. Yesterday I received such a touching message that I felt compelled to put it up here - and Kumi, don't worry - I got you girl!

Hello choco star,

I'm writing this email because I'm very impressed by your brownie.
I became a big fan of your shop yesterday. I'm really glad I went to valentine's market and found you.

It was wonderful, so delicious. You made me really happy, thank you.
I have no idea how you make those.

I became to love brownies after coming England. They are very nice. We don't have those in Japan. We have, but it's not same, not as nice as them at all.
Then I've had lots of those. But your one is the best I've ever had!!

I've been trying baking them as well. I've tried many kinds of recipes.
But I can't make nice one. I don't know how. I made them for my family once. They liked them.But I wanted them to eat nicer, really English one.
Actually I baked some for a valentine's day the day before yesterday. I was a little happy as they were much better then before.
But after eating yours, I thought mine was rubbish.

I know, I can't ask you, I'm sorry if I were rude. But I want to know why it's so difference. It's same brownie.
maybe chocolate is different. I use 75%one. maybe I shoul make it thicker.
I melt butter and chocolates together,and put into egg and sugar. Then, put flour. sometimes almond powder. the nuts
Mine is so different from yours. it's really sad.
I want to make them like yours. It's my dream.

I want to buy other things from you as well, such as hot choco,cookies....want to try everything.
Could you let me know when you are coming next time please, if you can.

Thank you very much,


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