Wednesday 25 February 2009

Sshhh...The Underground Restaurant

This Saturday night I will be parking Jimmy up in the driveway or Ms Marmite Lover, doyenne of the underground restaurant scene in London. This hush-hush thing is starting to take hold as the gap between eating in and eating out becomes bridged in this big ole changing city.

I'm excited for this change. I love a good restaurant but more than that I love an atmospheric one and London isn't always brilliant at pairing great food with this. It reminds me of being in Tel Aviv where so many bars are like homes - and you can always get a really delicious plate at the bar until early morning.

I'm excited for the personality factor of eating like this - a paying guest in somebody's home, a menu that has been decided irrespective of you and at a price you can definitely afford.

I'm going to do a spiced chocolate mousse to go with the Mexican dinner. I've even been invited to stay the night. It's reminding me of my days on tour, trundling around Britain looking for strangers to have me into their homes for supper. I may get re-addicted. I like London suppers but more than that I like life out there, on the road, free-wheeling.

I'm planning to do more. Abroad. The thought of this has me ebullient with delight.


Anonymous said...

Hi have been working on and would love to collaborate with your great network on events that benefit local communities.

We are putting on a activity at the British Library on the
5th March from 8pm if you want to come along to that. Please tell me so
I can put you on the guest list.

stevieparle said...

Hi chocstar,

The underground restaurant sounds great, can't wait to go.
I am starting a project called
Check it out!