Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Valentine's Slow Food Weekend

Lovers, sweethearts, enamoradas! Choc Star has the flow to make ya drawers drop slow...err, I mean I love Biggie and I can't help but bring the guy into my blog for the special occasion of Valentines Day.

We'll be outside the Royal Festival Hall from Friday 13th (RRrrrrr) to Sun 15th Feb - all day and into the night - for the Slow Food Valentine's Market.

On the menu: Iced bitter chocolate cookies, rose scented Venezuelan truffles, red velvet cupcakes plus all the winter classics.


David Hall said...

All sounds fab Petra - any chance you could hot foot some of them truffles up for us 3 please? :o)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic to have finally met you. Long life to the rose-water truffles!