Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Bestival this weekend!

The time has come to leave the mainland and trundle Jimmy's perky derriere over to the Isle of Wight. We were going to take the gazebo but decided, in the end, that Jimmy and Bestival just belong together and who am I to try and keep them apart?

I just checked out the website and got such a thrill to see the van in cartoon form, all tucked in between Fruit Sticks and toasted sarnies (check it out under Practical Info...although I'd hardly put Choc Star under the practical banner, but I guess everyone needs to know where to access the choc stop).

See you there ravers!


David Hall said...

how was bestival Petra?


Petra Barran said...

So so muddy. I'm fine with mud down on the marshes when you're going crabbing but that stuff that's had about 30,00 people tramping around in it is...repulsive. The smell was like mussels marinading in toe jam. No joke.

Glad to be on dry land!

Hope you're well,