Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Lord Mayor's Party went off!

We got pretty well mobbed at the weekend - praise Jesus for the good weather...and the cold weather in the evening. We were caught a bit unawares. We don't know what to expect anymore and have to think pretty quick when the weather changes. Coffee Republic had a pop-up cafe behind us and I had to go and negotiate a milk deal with them. Over and over again we had to return to get more supplies for the hot chocs. As for the ice cream, we were run out of most flavours by Sunday arvo - with Rocky Road, Cookie & Cream and Mint Choc Chip sailing off first.

The brownies also were hard to keep still. People kept coming up to the van saying "I've read about these brownies/apparently they're the best there are/I've been dreaming of this moment". I have to say they were looking pretty special - almost glossy and so deep in colour. Extra Brut I like to call it - but with that unmistakable fudginess that brings you over all abandoned and joyous.

Plenty of new stocks in for this week though. From tomorrow (Thurs 18th) we'll be at the Slow Food Festival by the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank. And we're going to be doing Venezuelan hot chocolate and truffles...and chocolate Guinness cupcakes. Yikes! Better go and get busy in that kitchen!

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