Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I'm so excited! I'm made up, tickled pink, touched by the Thriller from Manilla, chuffed. A real Tennessee Williams moment has taken hold of me today and once more I am blown away by the kindness of strangers.

The legendary Alex from right in the middle of England has rescued my buggered hard drive. We've been in talks since the tour began and, even though we never managed an actual visit, he has been following my progress...and decline. When I posted that the drive had been declared officially unsalvageable he strode into the shadows that had befallen me and gave me light and hope. "You do know that Macs are a pile of crap don't you?", he'd keep saying and I'd just keep on crossing my fingers.

Lord knows how he did it because all the others I took it to up and down Britain couldn't fix it, but the mighty barbecuing Alex has recovered all the pics - from Sussex through Berks., Bucks., Oxfordshire, Warwicksire, Northants., Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Lincs. and Yorkshire - and I am so grateful that I'm intending to drive old Jimmy up to his house to say thank you properly.

Thank you Alex you broiling genius!


Anonymous said...

Hey Petra,
I'm a French journalist and I've just found out about your great idea. Do you by chance consider visiting France with your Chocmobile ? We definitely just can't wait to taste your recipes...
Audrey Favin, chocolate addict

Petra Barran said...

Hi Audrey,

I would love to bring Jimmy to France...and Spain, Italy, Greece, the Middle East - imagine! But especially France for all those big appreciators of chocolate.

Will keep you posted.