Thursday, 15 May 2008

La Rosa Campsite

Burning rubber filled the air as I screeched into Goathead, barely managing to control Jimmy's heavy bulk. Further out of this moorland village were more obstacles and the La Rosa Campsite felt hard won after a, frankly, terrifying rocky road down. At one point I was clutching onto my door handle with My Life Flashed Before My Eyes cued up and ready to roll. But when I stepped out of the van it was pure magic.

Imagine this, somewhere near Whitby, down in a moorland valley lies an enchanted campsite with special touches to make your jaw drop. I wandered wide-eyed around in the dying sun. Amazed. You sleep in caravans and can choose between the tinker's truck, the Virgin Mary caravan, burlesque or Elvis. Being a Tues night I found myself in the enviable position of being able to take my pick. Of course Elvis was the obvious choice for a devotee like myself, but there was something about the smell of the burlesque one that won me over. It was the sort of sweet, dusky smell of holidays - the scent of warm concrete floors in a scruffy whitewashed house in Greece. It even had a pole. My friend Vee yelled at me down the phone to try it out - "Jesus, you're the only one there - get on the pole!". But it looked a bit flimsy so I resisted.

Elsewhere lies a huge tee-pee with great luscious white rugs on the floor, a mini circus tent, a caravan sweet shop with Jelly Babies, Jelly Tots and Dolly Mix and an outdoor bath and showers that you have by candlelight with a gramophone on the side to crank up and listen to. I selected some old gypsy lament and, after showering, couldn't help but run myself a bath as well. Submerged in steaming hot water, looking out across the caravan strewn valley, the peace was incredible. Bless the wonderful Amanda for making such a place happen and roll on next June when I return with enough friends to fill the place.


Jules said...

I need to stay at this campsite, it looks fab!

Anonymous said...

That campsite looks SO fruity. What a great idea painting the vans GREEN.... so much more attractive than white/cream.... better get the green paint ordered! What fun you are having and wish i was with you! Love Mum