Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Laptop went bang

In case you're wondering where I am and what the heck I'm doing, I'm outside Thirsk, Yorkshire and heading for Whitby later. The blog only takes us up to Lincs. Apologies for any disorientation this may cause - it's been quite a hectic few days, culminating yesterday in a pretty disasterous accident with the laptop. The laptop is properly brown bread and I am returning to the old favourite of pen + paper. I actually prefer this but realise it's not so cool for blogging. More will follow - tales of Lincolnshire farmers, coffee mornings, grizzly Scunthorpe, vibrant Leeds and brilliant Brighouse...and any dark encounters I may find in the ghoulish Whitby.

Any Geordies - please do come and look for us at the Eat! Newcastle food festival this Friday and Saturday, just by the Civic Centre.

Now I'm off across the Moors on this blustery, sheep filled day.


Anonymous said...

What?? No more blog??!? Things were really starting to hot up as you ventured north and some of us were getting quite addicted to the chocolate tales. Maybe the laptop can be resucitated soon..or you can change your request to dinner, a bed, and unlimited broadband access? Hope to hear from you soon. P + P is so retro, but not great for sharing

Petra Barran said...

I'm on the case Mr F - the blog lives on...maybe Skeggie and Lincs and Leeds may not be up for a bit but the boys boarding school and the burlesque campsite are very much en route...

David Hall said...

See you in a couple of days Petra - we can't wait!

Dave x