Thursday, 1 May 2008

Lovibond's Brewery, Henley-on-Thames

A beautiful morning and, despite feeling a bit 'ordinary' after my night in Knowl Hill, I take the wheel with gusto...down the road to Henley where Milwaukee Jeff and Land Rover Jason are waiting to welcome me into their brewery for the day.

I laughed it off when Jason told me I could drink them dry and was surprised when a pint of Lovibond's Gold appeared on my counter before I'd even finished setting up.


I eye the drink suspiciously but it just looks so refreshing sitting there all frosted glass and frothy head. I'm leaving the van there over night so don't really have an excuse - I plunge in having only had a few green raisins for brekky and it tastes good. On vacation good, like tasting freedom after a long spell at sea.

The rest of the day goes like this: Serve some customers, get passed a beer. Ice some cupcakes, get passed a beer. Cut some brownies, get brought a beer. Replenish the cones, have an abandoned beer returned to me. It's like being at college again - which is great but I'm not sure how much of a perky shopkeeper I appear towards the end of the day...probably extra perky at the start though.

Here is an interview I gave at, I would say, the latter part of the day.

It wasn't the busiest day in the world but shoot me and call me a bad businesswoman if I didn't love it all the same. You can't mess with being parked up in a beautiful spot, surrounded by friendly people and just taking a bit of time. I can't wait to return.

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Anonymous said...

Petra! When can you shuffle up and make space for me and my flamenco apron? My soul is fighting for its life to survive this new sedentary, corporate workstyle - I crave being back in a van sharing food and banter with colourful characters. I need some chocstar therapy...

And you met witches? I love it. I love this whole magical adventure of yours. I'm jumping on least for a weekend.

I'll give you a bell!

x Selina