Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Northants and into Suffolk

I'm in love with this touring business. I'm getting to see parts of the country I'd never have thought of before - I mean who knew that Northamptonshire is such an adorable, rollicking part of the world? Sometimes it dips and holds you in dank thickets, but then it will roll out great tracts of sown fields. They have their own Cotswolds which seem that bit more wild and untrammelled then the more famous ones. Honestly, I was the only person on the road that fed away from Tim and Bev's farm - barely nothing around except a tacker and her horse and endless sheep-filled fields. I even managed to do a hit and run on a big old country pile without getting chased off the premises and discover the best village shop ever.

Back on the A14 I couldn't bring myself to land in Cambridge for the night when my home land, mi corazon, was only a few miles on. I called my friend Tasha (who happened to be in the middle of a rum transaction at the time...oh dear) who told me to get on over.

There I hung for a couple of days of R&R. Caught up with hundreds of e-mails and admin, did an 18th birthday party which had a food sculpture, the likes of which I've never seen:

and then got right back to my roots as I drove over to Brent-Eleigh where I grew up and where my brother's birthday BBQ was happening...

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