Friday, 2 May 2008

Up North

Right, so here I am in Essex, preparing for a couple of bookings. All is well. I'm sat on a big, taught red leather sofa in the local golf club and am eavesdropping on all sorts of fascinating stuff about chipping and pitching and wedges and balls....and I'm girding my loins for the big Northern leg of the tour.

I want to go to Scunthorpe and Grimsby, Blackpool and Wigan. I want to play bingo in the Black Country and eat deep fried Mars bars in Troon. I want to get lost on the Moors and go dancin' at the Burnley Mecca.

I can't wait for the next bit. The South has been amazing - pretty and rolling and bursting with loveliness,'s time for a bit of EDGE. I hardly know anyone in the North so it's time to leave the comfort zone and start flying by the seat of my pants....

Any ideas? Who do you know that would like to be part of the chocolate odyssey? Send 'em in and I promise to be the model guest and never to refuse anything that's put on my plate.

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