Friday, 12 September 2008

Thames Festival this weekend

The Thames Festival was one of my favourite events of last summer. There was something so great about how it made you really feel part of the city. There were tourists, of course, but much more it felt like all of London coming out to promenade along the Southbank - just as they would have done 100 years ago. And when the fireworks went off on the Sunday night and I crawled along in Jimmy, I got a real kick at seeing everyone out in the street, heads facing the sky, all gazing in wonder at the electro fizz sharding all above.

Choc Star will be in the Jubilee Gardens this year, churning out that chocolate...not sure if it's going to be of the hot or cold variety right now but one thing you can be sure of is that it'll be tasty!

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David Hall said...

I'm sure you will have a good one Petra. Top article in the Guardian!