Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Choc Star Tour map is live!

The tour map is up and running - I've plotted all the places I have been invited to so far and will be adding photos, links and stories as I go well as more supper spots. The divine, hot-mess that is Sam from Crumbs & Doilies has set the whole thing up so that it even has a Google Earth link. It's so exciting! I'm a massive map fan and am all over it.

I'll be posting all sorts along the way - not only where I go for supper but also any good food destinations: roadside sellers, creameries, cake shops...whatever I can uncover in my quest to find the most hospitable parts of Britain and what to make them for pudding.

ETD: Friday 11th April from South London - heading South-East to Kent.


David Hall said...

Nice map there Petra, and glad to see the marker at my place! What dates are you looking at?

Don't forget to send me a recipe so that I can plug you okay?

David x

ken said...

What's a hot-mess?!

Anonymous said...

I friggin LOVE your map!!!! xxx

Petra Barran said...

Glad you like the map - Recipe on its way Dave (with me following closely behind!).

Ken, a hot mess would also be a good way of describing you, you little trouble-maker!

Unknown said...

Hi Petra

Dont forget to add Swansea. Welcome to dinner at mine!

Petra Barran said...

Thanks Helen - you're all plotted in and I'm looking forward to it. Hope you're well!