Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Sundae Sundae

A great discovery. Duncan took me there the following morning in his slippers. I love his casual appropriation of the town as an extended living room. On the website the opening times are listed as 'varied' so we swerve round hoping.

I know comparisons are odious, and I shall try not to make too many of them, but
Sundae Sundae reminds me of the kind of places you find in small towns all over the East and West coasts of America: A quirky, independent little ice cream parlour, come sweet shop (or 'ice cream delicatessen') that has been put together with a sense of humour and a bit more imagination than your average scoop-it-up-and-rake-it-in disaster. Inside were bags of homemade fudge, chocolate teacakes, toffee apples, cupcakes, real meringues - a sundae counter promising 'Dulce de Leche sundaes' (MMmmmmm) and a whole load of soda fountain memorabilia out back: banana split boats, Knickerbocker Glory dishes and lashings of Enid Blyton books. Brilliant.

I bought a Cider Refresher which refreshed me just perfectly.


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you ChocStar, thanks for all the good things you said about my shop. Good luck on your amazing trip and my the wind blow you back down Whitstable way soon, Regards Sid Sundae aka Steve Graham.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sundae Sundae looks a dream! Will definately check it out when next in Whitstable!