Sunday, 13 April 2008

Off I go!

Thursday night's leaving drinks left me feeling pretty hanging on Fri - I imagined I didn't have as much to do as I actually did and as the day dwindled my body had to race on ahead of my head. The results weren't pretty - one of which was a misguided bin-bag lob into a seething, grimy old dumpster...carrying my enormous bunch of keys with it. Luckily Sam and Jemma had just dropped me off the most beautiful box of cakes ever and were on hand to figure out how the hell to retrieve the keys without needing a full disinfectant pressure hose-down afterwards.

My brother gave a delicious dinner for me - deep, earthy green sorrel soup; a porcini risotto that had this wonderful lemony way about it; a big peppery green salad and then baked bananas with nutmeg and cream. I can think of few people's cooking I prefer to his.

I hurtled off the next day having had about three hours sleep - fully loaded with stuff. An alarming amount really but which, I reasoned, looked a lot worse than it was and would soon be whipped into shape by my natural flair for packing and down-sizing.

One last trawl through London, one last look at her sights, a fill-up of diesel and petrol for the gennie then through the Blackwall tunnel and onto the A2 - all the way reaching for my cupcakes. I couldn't stop eating them. One after the other I tossed those little buttercream clad beauties into my mouth, viewing them as both treat and medicinal for their energising sugar properties.

...and I'm out on the open road. Bliss. My absolute, 100% spiritual pleasure. To awake in a new place everyday and then to move on in whichever direction I choose is the realest of the deals, the purest of the packages and the bombest of the bombs!

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