Saturday, 5 April 2008


I'm writing from my usual spot - the cream leather chaise longue I bought on eBay a couple of months ago. I've been thinking about my day to day activities whilst out on the road. It's typical of me that I've cooked up this scheme which feels so damn right in my gut, yet, when breaking it down, is actually a logistical horror show. I know I'll write on my laptop in the van. I'll pull up at some bucolic setting and set about my keyboard. I imagine that if it's nice I'll go and find a river to swim in...then I remind myself that it's not summertime in Arkansas but Blighty with a sleat storm pending.

Then there's the selling. This is very important because without it I can't get Jimmy juiced up and we won't get to see much of Britain. I've been in touch with various different places and the response has been pretty good - I mean, when I'm pitching the idea that I'm looking for the friendliest and most hospitable parts of Britain, they'd have to be a bit salty to say no...but you never know - regulations can get in the way of all sorts of fun. It looks like Whitstable town council are keen and next Saturday could well see us down on its seafront (wonder if it'll snow?).

I also need to bake and this could be my undoing. I have the means to do a certain amount of baking in the van...but not major stuff. Am I going to find myself rapping on the gates of schools, asking if I can use their kitchen facilities? Supplies shouldn't really be a problem as ice cream can be delivered anywhere (although I really want to find local producers along the long as it's chocolatey and up to scratch) and eggs and flour, etc will be fun to hunt down.

What may be an issue is my need of overnight power to keep the freezers going so the ice cream stands firm. But in a way this keeps the mission clearer - I have to find people to descend on or the ice cream gets it and the journey can't continue, otherwise there'd be nothing to stop me from just pulling up in secluded spots and bedding down in the van for the night, sans seeking supper.

My mood is now a thick layer of calm trapping the terror and keeping it submissive. I hope it doesn't decide to revolt and lunge at me unawares. I think I have it under control. I think my lack of a grand logistical design is ok and that I'll figure it out on my feet, rather than fret about it too much now. I think the trip is going to be magical and tough, but mainly the most amazing opportunity to really get my chops around Britain in all her various states and guises...and this thrills me like nothing else.


Anonymous said...

more importantly petra are you catering pam & moiras' civil partnership?
we need to know.
also we need pictures.
will chocolate muffins be on the menu?

deagle said...

Personally, I'm not sure I could do what you are planning to do - so more power to you. I'm sure you'll be fine since starting and running your own business aren't exactly for the faint hearted either.
Good luck, and enjoy it. If you manage to get anywhere near North Yorkshire I'll come looking for you.

Petra Barran said...

The Barran's came from Yorkshire! I'll be there in a heartbeat - will let you know Deagle.

(Pam and Moira's is not happening and I have no idea about the choc muffin situation, Tina...)