Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Hi from a slightly mangle-minded person. I'm surrounded by lists and piles of stuff and a groaning amount of e-mails to send. Plus the TV license people are hot on my case. I'm not trying to avoid getting one, it's just that that particular sheet of paper has been relegated to a fairly low position in the heap and has barely seen the light of 2008.

Jimmy's been checked over by Big Jim at City Autos. I'm all excited because he's promised to take me to one of the gypsey shows he goes to - proper horse racing and selling and trading on the side of the track...I took him some brownies today so that should have sealed the deal.

The Londonist has written a piece on Choc Star - have a look (although it's a bit strange when you see how you've been quoted and wonder, 'God, is that the kind of stuff that comes out of my mouth?!'. Anyway, it was written by the doyenne of London food devotees, Krista who shall be given Super VIP treatment chez Jimmy next time we cross paths.

Off on Friday and still not sure where the heck I'll be suppering. Somewhere between Brixton and Whitstable....

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