Tuesday, 29 April 2008

If you turn off the A14...

Hunched up at a crowded desk, cupping a Nescafe, I write from the computer of my host for the night: a B&B owner! Yes, I have succombed to its cosy tug. I couldn't do another night of suppering/talking before spending an evening of just laying still and staring into space (or Gok Wan as the case may be).

Of late the trip has spiralled down a particularly boozy path. I don't even drink that much in London anymore but this tour has all the signs of the first day of a holiday...every single night. Which feels great but which doesn't aid my productivity on paper, so I sought a B&B with wi-fi. The only thing is that the stone walls here are so darn thick that I've had to gravitate towards the radar which brings me in here, crashing on Bev and Tim's cosy night in front of the telly.

So there are many tales to tell from just near Northants. but I'll have to wait until I'm somewhere quieter, where my ears aren't constantly pricking up at the talk behind me of tombolas and cake stalls and Maypoles.

What I can say however, is that today I met two real life witches. Proper, straight-up, bona fide women that ride broomsticks and cast spells.

More soon I promise - even if I do nothing else tomorrow I'm finding a wi-fi zone that likes my laptop.


Unknown said...

Hi Petra,
Good to see all is going well. Fantastic food, good weather and really nice people. And here's me thinking your roughing it!

Good wishes...


mother said...

sorry the wi fi wasn't great - hope the bed and the breakfast were - any chance of you being in this village on Saturday lunchtime? My neighbour has a house full who would love chocolate - can't wait to catch up on Sunday - mother xxbmuqlh

Petra Barran said...

Wifi situation all resolved! I'm in Stoke-by-Nayland - have a party to do on Sat but may be able to swing by first. Let's discuss par telefone.