Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Painted Road Trip

The luminous, illustrious illustrator Gwen Burns has created this pic for the Choc Star Tour. All I gave her was a scrawled up idea from my Moleskin and she's got it so perfectly right. My heart leaps with delight every time I look at it and I can't wait to get out there. On this subject I have been persuaded by people far more sensible than I that leaving on Saturday would be a much better idea than Friday. I'm having leaving drinks tomorrow night and I don't exactly have anything lined up for the following evening - AKA the first night of my trip. The thought of lurching out of bed after a knees-up with my mates, leaving London for three months and propelling myself towards....A Village Somewhere In Kent, has had some scratching their heads.

"HMmm, you're not going to be at your most charming in that state are you" said my friend Sam when I ran through the plan with him. And I had visions of it all coming out wrong as I try to explain to a pub full of people what I'm doing - and then sloping back to the van to re-group, only to eventually settle on the safety of a B&B....which all actually still doesn't sound that bad. But I will go for the easier option. This time!


Anonymous said...

I love the watercolor and hope that your road trip will be as idyllic as the drawing. mostly... often... at least sometimes ;)

I hope you'll tour through the continent sometime soon.

We looooove chocolate here.

Beso from Germany!


Anonymous said...

The B&B option sounds like a good ( & safe you know me) way to get a g'wanin with this thing!
The painting is divine! Only thing is all, these visual images and talk of Billionaires Shortbread just makes me so needy! Will you be doing mail order?xx

Petra Barran said...

I wonder if I could cope with the German appetite for choc? I'd be prepared to give it a go in return for a bit of Weiner Schnitzel...Mail order available to the most needy - just imagine, little post offices all over the land could be saved from closure by the choc-heads...